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葡京集团直营app在线学习提供超过600门课程,100%完全在线, 让你开始, 并完成, 本科或研究生学位, 或者获得毕业证书. 葡京集团直营app的在线学习项目每学期提供近300门电子课程,服务近17门,每年000名学生.

通过在线学习 葡京集团直营app 在亨廷顿,W.Va, you can earn a quality degree completely online, while continuing to meet your work and family obligations. 如果你在校学习,你将在同等质量的教师手下学习,获得与在校学习相同的学位或证书.

葡京集团直营app的在线学习为今天的学生提供了许多独特的优势, 谁需要和想要:

Flexibility to fit in classes with professional and personal commitments;
的 opportunity to study for a degree anytime, anywhere, and earn a degree from an 受认可和尊敬的大学; and
负担得起的大学教育. 葡京集团直营app的在线学生受益于 特殊长途学费 that is less than Marshall’s regular tuition costs, and out-of-state online students pay the same special rate as West Virginia students. In addition, fully distance education students do not pay fees for on-campus services.

To view all available courses please visit the 安排的课程 page.

请注意: 一定要只留下有标记的盒子 “电子” checked when searching for online courses.

其中的一个 最实惠 在美国的大学
Marshall was named one of the top 100 最实惠 在美国的大学 by 最有价值的学校.
In Institutional 奖学金 and Grants Awarded


在线 courses are accessible to students with a wide range of computer experience. 至少, you will need a desktop or laptop computer, reliable 互联网 access and 一个摄像头 and mic. You should be comfortable using e-mail and accessing the 互联网 to go online. Our IT service desk is available to help you.
Marshall’s 在线学习 program delivers courses via 黑板上, an online learning management system. Fully online courses are the same as those taught on campus, 但异步传递, so there are no 面对面的 or on-site attendance requirements. 你也可以选择混合课程, 它结合了异步和面对面的学习,通过黑板协作, 双向视频工具.
You will communicate with your instructors using your Marshall e-mail, or by using the 黑板上 Course Messages tool for your online course. 黑板上也在其新闻和提醒page上为在线学生发布一般信息和更新.
What Are 的 在线学习 学费 and 费用?
完全远程教育的学生根据他们的水平支付一定比例的远程教育学费, up to the appropriate hours cap (12 hours for undergraduate / 9 hours for graduate). 学生必须注册在线课程,并被指定为远程教育学生才能获得该比率.

Campus Services for 在线学习 Students

Even though you will not be on campus for your online degree program, 葡京集团直营app ensures that you can still access campus services as an 在线学习 student. 这里有一个抽样:

作为一个在线学习的学生, you will be able to call your specific university college for advising help, 星期一到星期五, 8 a.m. 四点半p.m.
它服务台 in Drinko 图书馆 helps Marshall students online, over the phone or in person with a variety of technical issues.
在线学习 students can use their 葡京集团直营appID to access online databases, web-based digital collections and other 图书馆 resources from anywhere. 图书馆的在线目录和100多个提供引文检索和全文文章的在线数据库都可以从图书馆的网站上访问. 学生和教师可以通过网络信息传递服务索取书籍或文章, 全天候提供服务. Most articles are delivered electronically without charge. For more information, please visit the 图书馆 网站和 校外的图书馆服务.
这项服务通过电子邮件为无法来写作中心面谈的学生提供异步在线辅导. 获取更多信息 写作中心.
Your Next Steps to start learning online!
If you are ready to be an online Marshall student, complete our online application for admission. 葡京集团直营app鼓励学生尽早申请,以确保及时获得所有所需的证书.

If you still have questions and need more information, please contact us today at We are ready to help you take your next steps to learn online at 葡京集团直营app.

Dena Laton

Dr. 莫妮卡布鲁克斯

学生接触 它服务台 在线或拨打304-696-3200. 教师 should call the Instructional Design Center at 304-696-7117.

的 online degrees listed below qualify for distance learning tuition rates. 查询大学的学费page,查看远程学费和其他费用(链接在学费page底部). 未在该page列出的证书和未成年人不符合按比例收取学费的资格,并受常规学费和费率的约束.

“网络课程” 指所有课程内容都是异步交付的远程教育课程. 的re are no synchronous, 面对面的, or on-site attendance requirements. 在线 courses are designated as such in the 安排的课程. 名称:在线课程(OC).

“混合”课程 指任何一种远程教育课程,其中一部分课程是与预定的和要求的在线同步进行的, 面对面的, or on-site attendance requirements; the remainder of the course is delivered asynchronously.

所有参加远程学习课程的学生必须能够使用设备(台式电脑或笔记本电脑), 互联网, 一个摄像头, and mic) that meets minimum technology specifications. 查阅 它服务台 site for Recommended Hardware. Student IDs will be obtained online vi一个摄像头; instructions will be sent to each student’s official Marshall email account upon admission to a distance learning program. 其他的学生资源,包括技术建议,也可以在 学生资源 网页.



If you are transferring to a Distance Program, you may appeal your current designation by submitting a Request for Change in Distance/Regular Student Enrollment Form 送交书记官长办公室. 提交申诉的截止日期为根据《葡京集团直营app》规定的秋季/春季延迟注册/进度调整(增减)期的最后一天 校历. 的 completed and signed request should be faxed to the Registrar at 304-696-6476, 扫描并发送至 注册商, or mailed 送交书记官长办公室, 106年旧主, 约翰·葡京集团直营app大道一号, 亨廷顿, WV 25755.


这些项目的学生在他们的学术生涯中不需要在校园或教室上课,并提供远程学费率,而不是普通的学费和杂费. 特殊远程学费是根据学生的需求和兴趣与普通学费不同而制定的. 具体地说,

远程学生通常被限制参加和/或获得某些大学活动和事件. 的y are eligible for certain student services related to their program such as advising, 职业规划, 等., as well as other student support services.
Distance Students are not eligible for graduate assistantship opportunities.
远程学生被禁止注册和参加传统的面对面课程. 例外情况包括学生仅通过电子链接(视频和/或音频)参与的课程和教育与专业发展学院提供的员工发展研究生课程.
远程教育的学生如果转专业到不同的学位项目,将自动恢复到正常注册状态. 这样的学生必须重新申请远程学生的称号,即使当直接改变到另一个合格的远程项目.
葡京集团直营app的员工注意:远程学费不符合员工减免或研究生助学金的条件. 第三方减免或合同课程批准您的顾问是唯一的例外. When admitted to a distance program, you must select “定期登记状态” to be eligible for employee tuition waiver benefits. Contact our office if you have questions: (304)696-6474 or 莫妮卡

应用 online for admission to a Distance Program